Invisible to Invincible: 
Asian Pacific Islander Pride of Chicago

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i2i is a collective-run, membership-based community group & organization with several levels of involvement.

There is currently no cost for i2i membership. We want to remain accessible to everyone!


An i2i General Membership is open to anyone who identifies anywhere along the spectrums of Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian, Southeast Asian and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Queer; this includes people who are multiracial/multiethnic and/or people who are adopted. You do not need to be "out" about your LGBTQQ identity in the community to be part of i2i and we will do our best to maintain your confidentiality.


i2i Core Members work together to help lead i2i by chairing an i2i Committee, helping with the website or other social media, tracking finances, and helping expand i2i's membership. 

Core Members commit to being part of i2i's leadership for at least one year. Leadership Development opportunities are sometimes available for Core Members through NQAPIA.

More on our current Core Members coming soon!


i2i Allies include those non-LGBTQ or non-API people who are our friends, colleagues, loved ones, other queer people of color, straight supporters, etc.  They can be people of diverse ethnicities and orientations. 

Allies are welcome at all i2i-sponsored public events, including social outings, potlucks, and educational programs, unless otherwise noted.

i2i Committees

One way for i2i General Members to get more involved is to join one of our committees, which meet at our monthly Open Membership Meetings. The activities for each committee is defined by its members and the membership of i2i - we need YOUR voice and input to make i2i great!

Social: Plan and run social gatherings and events, including potlucks, movie nights, karaoke nights, sports activities, festival outings, happy hours, or any fun event to bring together LGBTQQ APIs in Chicago.

Education: Help with programs that educate LGBTQ communities about API issues and that educate API communities about LGBTQ issues. The Education Committee is also exploring the possibility of starting a Coming Out Support Group for LGBTQQ APIs.

Community Building: Be part of events that build alliances between i2i and other LGBTQ, API, and people of color groups and organizations. Past events have included the Citywide LGBT Mayoral Forum Coalition and the Chicago Dyke March Collective. 

Outreach: Help design i2i's marketing materials and do outreach at local events, bars, festivals, and community venues to help spread the word about i2i in Chicago.

To find out more or join an i2i Committee, contact usfill out our online form, or come to an upcoming Open Membership meeting!